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4th August 2019
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Now I wonder what'd happen if anyone died in that dimension.
I’d take it that Wouldn’t be the first time Squirrel’s been staring down oncoming Traffic like that..
Oh, Death Loop/Spawncamping I see...

*resists making a reference*
xwindows 7th Aug 2019 edit delete reply
Ah~ and as that cat had ran away
You tried to chase it in the end
Jumping right out in front
of a traffic light that poured a shade of red bright red~

-- Kagerou Project, "Kagerou Daze" feat. JubyPhonic
Kludge 1st Sep 2019 edit delete reply
Oh hey, I saw that song circulating again somewhat recently. Had something to do with an anniversary of the song or the music video or something like that.

Very fitting here too, of course~
Mrremoraman 9th Mar 2020 edit delete reply
Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh dang

It's kind of funny, though, that he's the one who ends up caught by traffic