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17th February 2020
Page 37
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Author Notes:

Kludge 17th Feb 2020 edit delete
Sorry for the lateness and if this is hard to read, I've really not been feeling it lately. I'm gonna need some time to breathe and catch up on some things, so the next update is planned to be March 9th.

I feel this page could be misinterpreted, but I didn't want to take even more time to redo it, so I will explain: Angie is drinking alcohol and had forgotten Squirrel momentarily. She goes to get some water at the sink, but decides against it and gives it to Aleks instead.

I say all this because it kind of looks like she poured him some of her drink or poisoned the water that she got, and at such a difficult part in the story, I didn't want to cause the wrong kind of confusion just because of the ineffective way I drew it.


Raithe 11th Jul 2020 edit delete reply
I think this reads clearer than you give it credit for, but as someone who goes wild on the ambiguity of so many things in stories and comics anyway, the clarification is helpful in a way.